The service territory of IADG's partners covers the state from river to river and border to border.

Sponsors & Partners

Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) is the business and community development leader for nearly 250 member-owned electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and independent telecommunication companies throughout the state.

Rural Electric Cooperatives

IADG is governed and guided by the generation and transmission power cooperatives that provide wholesale power to Iowa’s distribution cooperatives. If you are interested in specifics, check out the Iowa Utility Board electrical service area interactive maps. Click on any area on the map below to see more information about our sponsors.

IADG Member Systems in Iowa

Municipal Members

Most of our municipal utility members buy power directly from Iowa's Rural Electric Coopertives or a power buying group. They are very involved in their communities and provide excellent support and assistance for business.


Independent Telecommunication Companies – Iowa Network Services (INS)

Ripple Effect, funded by Iowa Network Services (INS) and implemented by IADG, provides a portfolio of financial and technical assistance program options for business and community development through rural Independent Telecommunication Companies and their development partners.


Iowa State University Center for Industrial Research and Services (CIRAS)

A partnership with CIRAS provides an expanded level of support for manufacturers and businesses based in rural areas across Iowa. CIRAS brings research-based knowledge to bear on the critical needs of Iowa’s manufacturers and businesses.