IADG Awards

Business Recognition & Appreciation Programs

Iowa Venture AwardVenture Awards - On behalf of its member utilities, IADG honors distinguished Iowa companies and entrepreneurs with the Iowa Venture Award. This award recognizes outstanding businesses for providing leadership, capital investment, and employment opportunities for rural Iowa. Nominations are solicited annually from IADG sponsors.

The Venture Award was established in 1988, and for three decades has recognized existing Iowa companies for their significant contributions to Iowa's economy through entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and the creation of job opportunities. See video highlights from the 2017 Venture Award Luncheon.

Visit the Iowa Venture Award Hall of Fame to see the 256 recipients.

Impact AwardsImpact Awards - Impacting communities and sustaining economies through local partnerships are at the foundation of Iowa’s consumer owned utilities. Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) annually recognizes their electric utility sponsors for outstanding commitment, contribution, and participation in business development projects and local community initiatives.