The IADG Team

The IADG Team

Our Team

IADG operates with direction from the IADG Board of Directors.

IADG Staff

  • Rand Fisher


    Fisher has a proven record in business and community development at the local and state level, including five years as an Executive Assistant to the Governor. He is a leader and plays an active role with Iowa community foundations. Fisher can call upon an extensive network of local, state and national resources and partners to meet individual project needs.

  • Bruce Nuzum

    Senior V.P., Finance & Operations

    With a background in finance and banking, Nuzum brings a broad knowledge of banking, financial tools, incentives and tax programs to every project he works with.   Nuzum serves as IADG’s primary contact for the USDA REDL&G program and helps IADG members administer their revolving loan funds which collectively total over $48 million. 

  • Mike Meissen

    V.P., Value-Added Agriculture

    Meissen has a broad background in all aspects of agriculture and agri-business ventures. He is an active contributor on agricultural projects statewide. His knowledge of Iowa’s assets, resources and partners have proven invaluable to the large number of dairy, poultry, and agriculture projects which he has assisted.

  • Sue Cosner

    V.P., Community Initiatives

    Cosner manages the Ripple Effect partnership between IADG and Aureon. She provides economic development support to the Iowa telecommunication companies in Iowa through technical assistance and financial support via Ripple Effect. Cosner has an impressive background in development at the local, state and international levels.

  • Bruce Hansen

    V.P., Business Development

    Hansen has a strong background in marketing and business development within the rural electric cooperative industry in Iowa and Illinois. His primary focus is supporting Iowa’s existing industry by identifying company needs and connecting them with the resources to foster growth.

  • Kay Snyder

    Director of Marketing and Communications

    Snyder’s background includes marketing positions in public and private organizations, at the local and state levels. Her primary focus is to foster growth by positively marketing Iowa and the assets within the IADG member territories. She is available to assist with marketing initiatives as requested.

  • Melissa Hruska

    Administrative Services Manager

    Hruska offers strong experience in project management, office operation, financial management, and organizational development. She provides oversight to the daily operations of IADG and the team.

  • Brittany Wirtz

    Project Finance Analyst

    Wirtz brings an extensive knowledge in finance, strategic planning, project management, business growth, and development. She focuses her time on fulfilling the USDA REDL&G applications, supporting the IADG Energy Bank, and GIS mapping.

  • Kristina White

    Administrative Assistant

    White provides excellent service and support to IADG staff and members. She is likely the first person you will see or speak to when visiting or calling. Her work experience includes the  biotech, insurance, and agriculture industries.