IADG Energy Bank Revolving Loan Fund

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Finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through the IADG Energy Bank. With qualified energy improvement projects, facilities need no upfront or additional capital. Loan payments can be flexibly arranged to meet your energy savings.

Eligible Borrowers

The IADG Energy Bank is focused on making loans to businesses and industries for qualifying energy related projects within the State. Preference will be given to manufacturers.

Services Provided

  •  Easy Application and Approval Process
  •  Independent and Unbiased Project Review
  •  Customized Financing Solutions
  •  Project Implementation Assistance
  •  Ongoing Project Monitoring and Support

Program Details

Rate: Currently 1%

Loan Amount: Determined by project energy savings
                         Minimum $50,000 – Maximum $300,000

Origination Fee: 1% of loan amount which can be financed

Servicing Fee: None, electronic payments required.

Term: Up to 10 years

Timeline: Determined by application readiness and borrower initiative

Reporting Requirements: Federal and State regulatory compliance and reporting required.

Next Steps:

  •  Contact Bruce Nuzum, Energy Bank Program Officer for Assistance,
          800-888-4743 or bnuzum@iadg.com
  •  Prepare and Submit Pre-Application