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Iowa’s poultry industry is dominated by egg and turkey production. The industries combined employ approximately 11,800 people with a total personal income of $440 million. Industry overviews are provided below.

Iowa’s Egg IndustrySunrise Farms Iowa

Iowa leads the nation in egg production, producing more than the second and third largest states combined.

  • Iowa’s egg producers have nearly 60 million layers producing around 16.5 billion eggs per year.
  • Iowa’s layers consume around 54.9 million bushels of corn per year and 504,500 tons of soybean meal per year.
  • The total estimated labor income of this industry is $502 million to over 8,800 total jobs and an economic boost of $657 million attributable to direct and indirect impacts of the egg industry on the Iowa economy.

A number of factors account for the phenomenal growth of the egg industry.

  • Growing population and per capita egg consumption have supported annual expansion rate in egg production.
  • Iowa has competitive advantages due to lower feed costs than competing states.
  • Iowa has capitalized on the rapidly growing market for breaker or “processed” eggs, which incur lower transportation costs to major population centers on the East and West Coasts.

Access the full Economic Importance of the Iowa Egg Industry Report for complete information on the Iowa Egg Industry.  Iowa's Poultry Industry - Production and Processing (brochure)

Iowa’s Turkey Industry

The Iowa turkey industry is an important agricultural value-added activity providing income and employment opportunities for rural areas in Iowa. Approximately 8.54 million turkeys are produced in Iowa each year.

When all direct and secondary effects are considered, the total impacts include $810.7 million of sales, $158.7 million of personal income, $253.3 million of contribution to the gross state product, and about 4,200 jobs.
Based on average state tax yields per income, the Iowa turkey industry generates $13.7 million of state general tax revenues annually.
Based on the 2007 levels of production, approximately 9.7 million bushels of corn and 108,000 tons of soybean meal were used to produce Iowa turkeys.

A number of factors support the stability of Iowa’s turkey industry.

Iowa’s processing capacity
Lower cost of feed provides a price advantage
The ability to utilize manure nutrients effectively

Read the full report Iowa’s Turkey Industry – An Economic Review, for complete information on the Iowa turkey industry.

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