Information & Communications Technology

Iowa provides the communicatoin connections to support businessIowa has a strong information technology industry of entrepreneurs and established companies that are actively leading the way to new advancements in all areas. In recent years, Iowa has attracted new investments from IT companies, including the locations of IBM, Google, Facebook and Microsoft data centers. Currently, Iowa’s three major cities have been named Top 10 cities for data center locations, and the technology industry employs over 76,000 workers and accounts for nearly $10.7 billion of the state’s GDP.

IADG and our Sponsors and Partners are working hard to provide the economic development, utility and telecommunications infrastructure necessary to support data driven and technology intensive companies.

Financial Assistance

Ripple Effect, a unique economic development program, funded by Aureon and implemented by IADG, provides a portfolio of financial and technical assistance options for business and community development through rural telecommunication companies and their other development partners. To further bolster Iowa’s friendly business climate, legislation was passed in 2009 to assist a wide range of companies from large to small with multi-level incentives based on qualified investments in Iowa.

Renewable Energy Leader

Iowa is a national leader in renewable energy, including wind generation and renewable fuels – ethanol and biodiesel, offering Iowa companies expanded options to meet their energy needs.

Quality Workforce

Business success is directly tied with the quality of the workforce. Iowa offers access to a well-educated and productive workforce that possesses a strong Midwest work ethic, providing a winning combination for business success.

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High Capacity Telecommunications Network

Access to Aureon’s carrier-class fiber optic network is a key reason Iowa is an attractive location for your data center. With over 5,000 miles of fiber routes, the Aureon Network offers 10 gigabit capacity, points-of-presence located all over the state and connectivity to multiple Tier 1 providers. Dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM), self-healing SONET ring technology and 24/7 monitoring also make the Aureon Network cost-efficient, scalable, secure, and fully redundant. As the demand for bandwidth grows, Aureon continues to invest in the network with 40 gigabit fiber optic expansion and next generation solutions to keep business competitive today, tomorrow and beyond.

 Aureon Fiber Optic Network Map

Competitive, Stable and Reliable Electric Energy

Iowa is perfectly suited for data centers, by combining a long history of reliable service, ample capacity with one of the lowest costs for power in the nation. Midwest utility costs typically range 25% – 40% less than the national average. IADG has a strong network of utility partners statewide that are available to support your business growth.

Location Advantages

Iowa's Midwest location offers a distinct advantage to businesses with markets and suppliers in Iowa Safety Mapthe middle part of the country, or a central location to the east and west coasts. Iowa is also statistically one of the safest areas in the United States. The state also offers multiple available sites and buildings statewide for consideration when planning your next location.