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Alaniz Metro Group

Venture Award Recipient in 1993
Nominated by Access Energy Cooperative

Alaniz Metro Group, an Innovairre Company, is a start-up company that helped to revolutionize the direct mail industry. Established in 1978, they were perhaps the first company to bring personalized address labels to the direct marketing community. Today, that tradition continues as Alaniz  relentlessly pursues innovation in the products they offer and the processes used to make advance the direct mail industry.  

Strategically located in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Alaniz specializes in the production and mailing services of personalized premiums, multiple match formats, and specialty affixing, making Alaniz a one-stop direct mail production source.  

Alaniz employs over 200 people at their Mount Pleasant facility and recently converged operations into a new location that will ramp up their technological abilities to keep pace and exceed current industry standards.

Website: http://www.innovairre.com/