Ripple Effect works with Iowa’s Independent Telephone Companies (ITC) by providing direct financial assistance to emerging and expanding companies and ITC  business and industry customers through low-interest loans matched by the ITC. Ripple Effect staff will help put together financial incentive packages for business development leads and assist in evaluating business and project plans of potential development partners and customers. We will also help research and access other financial assistance sources and prepare USDA loan and grant applications.

Loan assistance applications may be made to your local independent telephone company.

Strong partnerships make stronger communities. Aureon and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) have come together for a common goal to strengthen rural Iowa.

For decades Aureon, through the Iowa Independent Telephone Companies (ITCs), and IADG, on behalf of the Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs), have provided leadership, vision and commitment to local communities.

Today, Aureon and IADG have formed Ripple Effect for the ITCs to assist in strengthening local development initiatives.

Ripple Effect, funded by Aureon and implemented by IADG, provides a portfolio of financial and technical assistance program options for business and community development through rural ITCs and their development partners. Ripple Effect offers flexible guidelines for securing financial contributions that must be matched by a financial commitment from the ITC and its local development partners.

IADG supports rural development throughout Iowa with a profound service commitment from its Sponsors,  Utilities and other Partners.

The IADG Vision
To be the nation’s leading provider of rural economic development services and solutions, securing extraordinary results while gaining recognition and goodwill for our sponsors and our organization.

To advance business and community development projects and strategies on behalf of our utility sponsors, members, and economic development partners.

Our Values

  • We believe research and planning should drive economic development
  • We provide and support education and training for our economic development partners and staff
  • We invest in marketing and promotion to create awareness, understanding, and opportunity
  • We share our knowledge and experience by providing timely technical assistance and project facilitation
  • We foster collaboration and partnerships and encourage community-based philanthropy
  • We serve as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship