Ten Years of Ripple Effect Success

posted on Monday, December 18, 2017 in News

2017 was a landmark year for Ripple Effect. In September IADG and Aureon celebrated ten yearsRipple Effect Logo of partnership and projects. The anniversary provided the opportunity to celebrate and highlight some of the projects that received Ripple Effect technical and/or financial assistance.

An infographic was developed that features significant projects - business expansions, large and small; hotel developments; community development enhancements including among others, hospital expansions and dental clinics; preservation of a rail line, and many local planning initiatives, almost all of which progressed on to full implementation.

Highlights include:

  • $5 million leveraged to support projects
  • 40 grants for community planning initiatives
  • 6 loans for company expansions
  • 9 grants to create new revolving loan funds
  • Nearly 200 jobs created and retained
  • 14 facility feasibility studies