Ripple Effect Program Delivers Results

posted on Friday, December 20, 2013 in News

Iowa Network Services (INS) and IADG are proud to announce a five-year renewal of the Ripple Effect program. Ripple Effect, funded by INS and implemented by IADG, provides financial and technical  assistance program options for business and community development through Iowa’s rural Independent Telecommunication Companies (ITCs) and their development partners. Ripple Effect offers flexible guidelines in securing grants for communities and direct loan assistance for businesses that must be matched by a financial commitment from the ITC and its local development partners.

Based on solid results from Ripple Effect’s first six years, both IADG and INS are united in their support for the program’s leader, Sue Cosner, and this unifying endeavor of rural economic development. Ripple Effect statewide project support has facilitated 29 grants and loans totaling an INS investment of $322,850. These funds have been locally matched and leveraged for statewide business and community growth. An additional eight projects have received federal funding though the USDA Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant program. Above all, the technical assistance and development of partnerships to support community and business growth have proved invaluable to the ITC’s.

Congratulations to Ripple Effect. This partnership is truly helping all involved be more productive and successful in our rural development mission.