Iowa Food Processing Assistance Team Provides Support

posted on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 in News

The formation of the Food Processing Assistance Team is nearing its first anniversary in supportingIowa Food Processing Assistance Team Enters 2nd Year food processors across Iowa.  This group is a collaboration of members from Iowa State University Extension - Farm Food and Enterprise Development, Iowa State University – CIRAS, Region XII Council of Governments, IDALS, IDALS- Choose Iowa, Private Sector Consultants, Iowa Meat Processors Association, North Central Poultry Association, IEDA, and IADG. 

The Team was initiated based on recent funding awards from the Iowa Economic Development Authority Butchery Innovation and Revitalization Program and the receipt of a $15M loan pool by the Region XII Council of Governments, which created the Iowa Meat & Poultry Loan Fund. The group focuses on providing technical assistance, guidance, financial resources, and feedback for small or emerging food processors.  In many cases, this may be related to protein processors, lockers, ingredient manufacturers, or other product developments related to food consumption.  Requests for assistance are considered based on the type of project, specific areas of need, and market opportunities.  

If you have a project that would benefit from technical assistance,  contact  Brian Tapp at