Egg Crystallization Facility Selects Panora

posted on Monday, October 30, 2017 in News

Nutriom has selected Panora Iowa as the location for an egg crystallization facility andPhoto of Nutriom's new facility in Panora Iowa pasteurization plant.

They will begin operation in the 29,000 sq. ft. former Cargill Kitchen Solutions facility. Production is currently in Lacey, WA with the liquid egg sourced from Iowa by the tanker. The company has been interested in an Iowa location to be closer to its raw material for quite some time, and is now committed to doing so in Panora. A second planned project includes the construction of a pasteurizing facility, allowing for increased process and quality control of the eggs. Initial employment at the new facility is expected to be 6-8 people, but is projected to grow.

A large number of utility partners have joined forces to support this Nutriom project through their Revolving Loan Funds (RLFs). In addition to funds received from the bank and company, the following entities are financially contributing to the project:

  • Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)
  • Grow Iowa Foundation
  • Guthrie  County  REC
  • Farmers Electric Cooperative
  • Iowa Economic Development Authority
  • Panora Telco/Ripple Effect

Nutriom’s innovative drying process maintains the flavor and functionality of the original egg product without adding chemicals, preservatives or any other additives. They have been using their food dehydration technology since 2003 to produce unique egg products that solve otherwise serious logistic, shelf life, or storage problems.