County Endowment Funds Celebrate 10th Anniversary

posted on Thursday, December 19, 2013 in News

Under the program 85 non-gaming counties now receive annual funding to provide local non-profit organizations and other charities with grants, endowment building and other organizational support.

Since 2004, nearly $83 million has been distributed to the 85 qualifying county foundations. Last year each of the affiliate foundations received over $132,000 through an eight tenths of one percent diversion of state gaming revenues. The county foundations have now made nearly 16,000 grants, totaling over $54 million.

Together these funds are building more livable communities by offering services and support to those with special needs, enhancing the arts, fostering entrepreneurship, strengthening the environment and leveraging local resources for education, beautification efforts, and much more.

On this anniversary, we commend the over 1,500 community leaders who serve and have served their communities and counties through their leadership and involvement in community-based philanthropy.

The IADG Community Foundation is pleased to have played such a key role in the establishment and implementation of this community-building, philanthropic effort. We wish all our Iowa C.A.N. members and all state affiliate foundations continued success.