$11.76 Million Awarded to IADG Partner Projects

posted on Monday, July 1, 2019 in News

The USDA Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant (REDL&G) program provides zero-interest loans (REDL) to rural utilities, which they, in turn, pass through to local businesses for projects that will create and retain jobs in rural areas. USDA also provides grants (REDG) funds to eligible utilities to establish or enhance revolving loan funds (RLFs). REDL&G is a nationally competitive program, and IADG and its sponsoring utility partners work hard to identify and submit Iowa projects that will score well against program parameters. IADG is proud to have written the applications for these business expansion projects that have been awarded funds through the USDA REDL&G program.

The Iowa Northern Railroad (IANR) will be installing nearly 8,000 additional feet of rail in the ANR 
main track located at the Butler Logistics Park near Shell Rock. The project includes the addition of two tracks, construction of a north switching lead, and grading and drainage improvements. This expansion is expected to reduce congestion at both the Bryant Yard in Waterloo and Manly Yard in Manly. The additional tracks will also enable the Butler Yard to accommodate a broader classification of rail cars, stage unit trains, and store cars onsite. 
Utility: Butler County REC 
REDL: $2,000,000 Award 

Graettinger-Terril Community School District received $360,000 from Graettinger Municipal 
Light Plant (GMLP) to support an estimated $9.7 million renovation and expansion to their high school and elementary school buildings. The high school/middle school building in Graettinger will nearly double its footprint with a 39,000 sq. ft. expansion. The improvements include learning labs for science and agriculture students, a new gymnasium to hold athletic/fine arts events and physical education classes, space for student and adult meetings, and education. Improvements to both facilities’ entrances will enhance accessibility and security. 
Utility: Graettinger Municipal Light Plant
REDG: $300,000 Award to Enhance RLF
Match: $60,000 from Graettinger Municipal Light Plant

The City of Graettinger received a pass-through loan from River Valley Telecommunications cooperative to support a major infrastructure project in the city’s central business district. Robins Street, the main Graettinger corridor, will be replaced, including all major underground utilities, sidewalks, lighting, and other streetscape improvements. The project will be completed in 2019. Utility: River Valley Telecommunications Cooperative 
REDL: $875,000 Award

The City of Cambridge is renovating the city’s oldest surviving commercial building, the historic opera house which was built in 1914. When complete, this two-story building will result in five new commercial spaces available for a variety of uses. Due to its historical and physical prominence in downtown, Cambridge sees the rehabilitation of this building as a way to attract new businesses and residents. Huxley Communications Cooperative secured a USDA grant to support this project. 
Utility: Huxley Communications Cooperative
REDG: $236,102.50 Award to create a new RLF
Match: $47,220.50

Global Fabrication, a full-service fabrication shop specializing in commercial agriculture products, 
is expanding its facilities in Hampton. Franklin Rural Electric Cooperative is providing a $2 
million loan to support this project. Global Fabrication is purchasing a 30,000 sq. ft. spec building located in the Hampton Industrial Park, across the street from the company’s current location. The building is unfinished, and improvements include a concrete floor, electrical, lights, HVAC, and all associated manufacturing infrastructure. The expansion includes the addition of a powder coating line and handrail saw, two functions that had been outsourced. The expansion will increase production, efficiency, in-house processes, and the reduction in overall lead-times to customers. 
Utility: Franklin Rural Electric Cooperative 
REDL: $2,000,000 Award

JJ Nichting, in Sigourney, is a farm implement dealer who sells Case equipment. Central Iowa Power Cooperative is supporting the acquisition of an existing 12,600 sq. ft. building, construction of a new 16,000 sq. ft. building, and equipment purchase to help keep up with growth and demand. Noteworthy improvements include a training center for customer and service tech training; remodeled offices, new parts counter and small showroom; perpetual inventory system; modern service facility; and new service trucks. All of which will allow JJ Nichting to better meet the needs of their customers and accommodate future growth.
Utility: Central Iowa Power Cooperative
REDL: $2,000,000 Award

The Sioux County Conservation Foundation is moving forward with the construction of a new nature center at Oak Grove Park, located 6.5 miles northeast of Hawarden. This new 12,000 sq. 
ft. nature center building will house environmental education programs and provide offices for the SCCB staff. The two-story building will serve as an environmental education hub for families, students, and the general public. North West Rural Electric Cooperative supported the construction of this new center.
Utility: North West Rural Electric Cooperative
REDG: $300,000 Award to Enhance RLF
Match: $60,000 from North West REC

Land Mark Products, Inc. (LMPI) recently expanded its facility in Milford. LMPI manufactures a 
variety of food products, primarily for the convenience store industry. They are now moving forward with the purchase and installation of pizza production and packaging equipment and dry storage racking to increase production capabilities. Nearly 32,000 sq. ft. of freezer space will also be added and equipped with four high-speed automatic sensor doors allowing forklift traffic to move product efficiently while minimizing the amount of cold air that escapes when the doors are open. Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative is supporting this project in the form of a pass-through loan.
Utility: Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative
REDL: $2 Million Award

The City of Lawton is building a new 7,500 sq. ft. building to house city hall, a maintenance facility, and community center. The community center and council chamber is large enough to accommodate public meetings. The community center will also serve as a book deposit for the Woodbury County Library Association. The facility will provide a public computer workstation as well as be a wireless internet hotspot for the general public. Woodbury County REC is providing a loan to the City of Lawton to support this project. 
Utility: Woodbury County REC
REDG: $300,000 Award to enhance RLF
Match: $60,000 from Woodbury County REC

Cherokee Regional Medical Center is acquiring new digital radiography x-ray equipment to
replace its current system in their two x-ray rooms. This new equipment will provide the ability to run two rooms at once during busy times. They are also purchasing new equipment and furnishings for the medical clinic attached to the hospital. The new equipment will allow for in-house/clinic procedures to take place within the clinic as well as furnishings to allow for patient comfort and safety. C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association secured a grant through the REDL& G program to establish an RLF and support the project.
Utility: C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association
REDG: $300,000 Award to create a new RLF
Match: $60,000 from C-M-L Telephone Cooperative Association