At the crossroads of major Interstates, Iowa is the place for your warehouse facility.

Distribution & Warehousing

Iowa offers particular geographic and tax advantages for distribution and warehousing. With three Interstate highways (i-35, I-80 and I-29) and a network of highways, nearly 4,000 miles of rail freight track, statewide airport coverage and 60 barge terminals that ship and receive, Iowa provides efficient and cost-effective transportation choices.

It is projected by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that the warehousing and distribution industry in Iowa contributes approximately $5 billion to Iowa’s gross domestic product. Iowa Workforce Development cites there are 4,105 transportation and warehousing establishments in Iowa with $5 billion in sales, employing 56,775 people.

  • Iowa’s roadway system ranks 12th in the nation, with 112,904 miles of highway. Trucks originating in Iowa can reach 83 million people within one day’s drive and 252 million people within two days’ drive. Freight and rail shipments can reach vital markets like Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Omaha and Kansas City in just a few short hours.
  • Iowa has 109 publicly-owned airports, including 101 general and 8 commercial service airports. These facilities annually accommodate 2.5 million passengers and transport 175 million pounds of cargo annually.
  • Iowa is crisscrossed by 3,947 miles of rail freight track, used by 19 freight carriers to carry over 43.7 million tons of freight that originates in Iowa. Iowa also has two transcontinental Amtrak passenger routes.
  • Waterways in Iowa carry more than 12 million tons of freight each year.
  • General refrigerated storage in public and private warehouses in Iowa totals nearly 80 million gross cubic ft.

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