Create a fund that puts your dollars to work for you and the community.

Variety of Funds

IADG Community Foundation offers you the choice of naming your fund and tailoring it to meet your specific charitable objectives.

What is a fund?
A fund is created when you give assets intended for charitable purposes to the IADG Community Foundation. We assume the stewardship responsibilities to prudently administer, investment and distribute grants according to your wishes.

Income Stream Fund
You or a beneficiary receive an income stream of payments for life from this fund and upon the beneficiary's death, an endowed fund is established. The fund can support programs in a field that you identify or be used in the community where it is most needed. Examples include Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts.

Donor Advised Funds
Create a fund that's simple and flexible, and enjoy the benefits of grantmaking. You create the fund when it is financially most suitable, then make grants over time to nonprofits of your choice. You focus on the charitable giving while we handle the administration.

Designated Fund
Create a fund to ensure that your charities of choice will continue.You can designate specific nonprofit organizations as permanent grant beneficiaries. Your fund can start an ongoing program that issues grants to your favorite charities on a regular schedule.

Emerging Needs Fund
Create a fund to meet an array of today and tomorrow's vital needs.You can have maximum flexibility to resond to the most pressing issues in the community now and the emerging needs of the future.

Field of Interest Fund
Create a fund to affect change in an area that you care about most. You can support a particular area of interest while leaving the actual selection of the recipients to IADG Community Foundation or an advisory group. You can keep up with changing times by focusing grants on a special area for major impact.

Scholarship Fund
Create a fund that makes an investment in quality education. You can set up a fund that supports important educational initiatives, support specific schools, higher learning institutions, vocational skills training or individual student.

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