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Iowa Community Foundations Continue to Grow

By all measures it has been a good year for Iowa’s community foundations, including IADG Community Foundation and the Iowa C.A.N. affiliate group. This year each county affiliate foundation received $118,000. Under Endow Iowa requirements, 75 percent of this amount will be granted toward community projects and 25 percent will be used to grow county endowments.

Endow Iowa tax credits totaling $3.4 million were provided to nearly 2,000 taxpayers and their credits leveraged just short of $14 million in permanent endowment contributions for Iowa non-profit organizations.

Thanks largely to the Endow Iowa program, Iowa now has 130 community foundations and affiliates. Their combined assets total over $523 million.

IADG Community Foundation is pleased to be working with the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines and a 30 county affiliate group called Iowa C.A.N. to grow community foundations and enhance the non-profit sector. These 30 counties now have over 250 funds, have granted over $13 million, and have nearly $6 million in permanent endowment.