Ripple Effect Program Supports Growth

posted on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 in News

Guthrie County REC, Minburn Communications and IADG staff continue to work toward Aerial Photo of Woodward Eco Business Parkcertification of the Eco Business Park in Woodward.  The project is part of the Green Certification Program instituted by the state of Iowa.  In 2017 the city of Woodward will consider and adopt a zoning amendment that will create a Planned Unit Development ordinance to guide future sustainable development in the park. Ripple Effect and Minburn Communications combined to provide $7,000 in grants to get this project started.

Additional recent awards through Ripple Effect include:

•    A $2,625 grant to the city of Cascade, matched by Cascade Communications, for a hotel feasibility study.
•    $5,000 grant to the city of Colo, matched by Colo Telephone, for planning and engineering services for the Carmody Addition housing project.
•    A $500 grant for the Eugene Kock Memorial Park located in Westside, matched by Western Iowa Networks, for engineering design services.
•    A $5,000 grant to the city of Cambridge, matched by Huxley Communications, for architectural services for the city new community center.
•    A $5,000 grant for architectural services for the Warden Plaza Hotel project in Fort Dodge

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