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Ida County Economic Development Receives Silver Shovel Award

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holstein, Iowa - Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), honored Ida County Economic Development and President Rita Frahm with the Silver Shovel Award at an August 30 gathering at the Holstein Country Club.

The Silver Shovel Award honors outstanding leadership, innovation and achievement in business and community development. In presenting the award Mr. Rand Fisher, President of IADG, highlighted numerous accomplishments of the Ida County Economic Development, including leading business and community development efforts with existing industry, redevelopment efforts and new business and industrial locations. Rita Frahm was recognized for her leadership and enthusiasm serving on numerous boards and commissions, including the Iowa Small Business Development Center Advisory Board, Iowa Micro Finance & Community Vitality Foundation, Galva Economic Development, Holstein Development Authority, Ida County Betterment Foundation and many more. Ida County Economic Development has proactively grown the renewable fuels industry through supporting ethanol and biodiesel as a part of a wide range of regional business growth. Community development also receives equal focus, as demonstrated through the Rosemary Clausen Performing Arts Center in Holstein. This project was partially funded through the first USDA Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant for Ida County Economic Development. Ida County Economic Development was nominated for the award by North West Rural Electric Cooperative.

The Silver Shovel Award also brought with it a $1,000 contribution from the Iowa Area Development Group Community Foundation. The financial award will allow Ida County Economic Development to advance economic development through contributions to local 501c3 organizations. The IADG Community Foundation was established to facilitate community based philanthropy throughout rural Iowa, promote entrepreneurship and advance economic development.

The Silver Shovel Award was established to recognize significant accomplishments of our rural development partners. IADG was established in 1985 to help its utility sponsors and their communities promote and foster economic development. The organization and its utility sponsors have been instrumental in facilitating over 1,700 projects, $6 billion in investment and creating over 40,000 jobs for Iowa.